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Two of Australia’s hottest young basketball stars, Patrick Mills and Erin Phillips, have joined the latest online social-networking phenomenon, myFIBA.

Created by Melbourne-based IT company SportingPulse, myFIBA is FREE to join and has already made a large impact with 150,000 members coming to the party.

While the online experience provides fans with a fantastic opportunity to speak with some of Australia’s best young athletes, myFIBA goes far deeper than that, according to myFIBAt’s Communications Manager Justin Nelson.

“Those who love sport can now talk with friends and other sports lovers online, any time they want,” he said.

“I talk sport with people from around the world, it’s a great forum, the banter is fun, and we share common interests.

“Plus, where else would you get the opportunity to communicate with the likes of Patrick and Erin, both of whom are absolute leaders in Australian basketball?

“That’s what myFIBA is all about; it’s for every sports enthusiast. There are no boundaries.”

Touted as a future NBA prospect and a starting point guard for the Australia Post Boomers, Mills has joined myFIBA to keep in contact with his friends and supporters while attending Saint Mary's College in the United States.

“I'm hoping to keep my myFIBA page updated with blogs and stats from my games over here in the US, along with insights into the basketball scene as I make my way through it,” Mills said from California.

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Erin Phillips an explosive point guard has a very impressive basketball resume which includes a gold medal with the ADF Opals in 2006, a ADF WNBL Championships with the Adelaide Link Lightning in 2007/08 and a silver medal with the Opals at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

Phillips who is currently playing in Israel still stay's in touch with the Lightning by following her's teams success through her myFIBA page.

I love basketball, what more can I say? I'm back on court and loving it,” Phillips said.

“Now I'm looking forward to talking with all of my friends on myFIBAt, so please make sure you leave me a message on my Message Board!”

To view Erin's myFIBA page go to:

To view Patrick's myFIBA page go to:

Come on – it’s time to join the myFIBA party!

With myFIBA you can:

Be part of your league and team's community

Receive communications
(eg: news & game reminders)

Have easy access to your fixtures, results and ladders

Design your own personal myFIBA website

Meet and chat with other supporters

Show your favourite videos and photos

Participate in games, competitions, forums and polls

You create a myFIBA page - this is a personalized website where you can display your favourite teams, upload photos, display our own competition ladder and playing stats or those of your favourite player. myFIBA also allow you to instantly chat with other basketballer's from all over the world in a forum that is safe and secure. The message boards on myFIBA are monitored and you can choose who you wish to see your myFIBA page , your friends or everyone!

Specific additions also allow you to receive automatic email reminders about your next game time and updates when ever news is posted on your Associations' site, saving phone calls and confusion.

Recently, FIBA have also added a myFIBA "gadget" that allows live stats from current games i,.e through out the Olympic Tournament to be delivered directly to your own myFIBA page so you can keep up to date with all the live action - very exciting!

Even the Opals players and Boomers have myFIBA sites so you can see exactly what they are up to - take a look! To join myFIBA go to



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